An indictment of Malta’s defective asylum system that hinders human-rights protection: Case of A.D. v. Malta [App no. 12427/22]

Border Criminologies, managed by the Faculty of Law at the University of Oxford, published a guest post by Carla Camilleri, lawyer and the Assistant Director of aditus foundation.

The blog post scrutinizes the flaws inherent in Malta’s asylum system, drawing attention to the stark realities faced by a minor asylum seeker named Alex (his name has been changed). Alex’s traumatic journey, from a perilous sea rescue to prolonged detention, serves as a poignant illustration of the systemic challenges within Malta’s treatment of vulnerable individuals seeking refuge. This summary delves into the intricate legal considerations under Article 3, Article 5, and Article 13 of the European Convention on Human Rights (ECHR) as they pertain to the case.

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Photo of the rescue in which Alex was brought to Malta. (c) Times of Malta / Jonathan Borg