Interview with an intern: Erna!


Hey all! I hope you are all good and that you’re enjoying this blazing hot summer! It has been a while since we wrote a blog post but do not worry we are back again! Today I will be interviewing Erna Landgraf, who just finished an internship with aditus foundation. So without further ado let’s get to know Erna!

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Two Human Rights Internships (part-time, paid)

In the context of the project Marginalised Persons as Human Rights Volunteers, we are happy to offer two paid Human Rights Internships, for the period 1 February to 31 December 2020.

The project acknowledges the challenges faced by marginalised groups in engaging in NGO activities and seeks to overcome these challenges by providing as broad a learning experience as possible.

The two Interns will be fully integrated into our team, participating in projects, activities, advocacy efforts, public initiatives and formulation of our strategies. Together with the Interns, we will also identify and support our Interns’ key learning needs, such as linguistic, IT, administrative/management or other.

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Memoirs of a Legal Intern!

Looking back at my internship and stay in Malta it’s hard to believe that I had some hesitations before I took the decision to spend four months there. I can now say with complete confidence that I have no regrets and I’m really happy for all that I learned and experienced during this time.

What eventually attracted me to Malta, apart from great weather and beautiful views, was an exceptional activity of various NGOs around the Platform of Human Rights and their engagement in defending and promoting human rights.

So at aditus , where I finally worked for four months, I had a chance to contribute to various  projects – I was assisting in research for the ATLAS project on legal aid in Malta, I was helping with conducting interviews and research for the Annual Human Rights Report and I was engaged in fitness check about the compliance of Maltese law with EU directives, amongst others.

I also had an opportunity to participate in various training and seminars as well as take part in meetings with other Maltese NGO’s and stakeholders.

Now, I am so glad that I had a chance to work at aditus and to see how a small group of such dedicated people can make a difference to life of people who are in distress. aditus` work shows that advocating and fighting for rights of people in need, regardless of their colour, religion, gender identity or nationality can really change the situation of everyone whose rights are violated.

My internship at aditus confirmed my wish to specialize in human rights law, so I am now continuing my studies in this area and I hope to work in human rights organization in the future.

However, my four months in Malta were not only about working. I can say that during this time I gained the whole “Maltese experience”. I was freezing at the beginning and suffering from the heat later on, spent a lot of time in traffic jams, ate more pastizzi than I should have, tried a rabbit dish, travelled across Malta and Gozo and swam in Blue Lagoon.

Malta might be a small island but for sure it is not a place where you can get bored and the beautiful views and amazing beaches can reward all the stuff that can sometimes annoy you.

I want to thank everyone with whom I worked at aditus – Neil, Carla, Claire, Antonella and all the interns, for everything I learned and for the great time I had.  The atmosphere at work was extremely friendly and lively. I was lucky to be part of their team for four months and for sure I will miss our talks and lunches on the terrace. Continue the great work you are doing and I hope that we’ll meet again soon!

Marina Kopacz

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Human rights and pastizzi: Jakob’s experience with us!

Having just arrived in Malta and making my way to work on my first day with aditus, I didn’t really know what to expect of the upcoming two months, which seemed like a long time back then. Looking back now, after those two months flew by in no time, I regret not having had double the time.

What I gained from the internship – apart from weight due to a pastizzi-overload and a real sense of patience during daily traffic jams – were truly valuable experiences in defending, advocating for and promoting human rights.

In the course of the two months I had the opportunity to contribute to asylum casework, to help organising an advocacy campaign for holders of temporary protection status, to take part in workshops and stakeholder meetings, as well as to conduct research on important legal issues.

Most important of all, I got to work together with a great team of young people, who showed me what all that law-studying might be good for after all: employing legal means and vigorous advocacy to achieve justice and equality for all members of society, disregarding class, color or sexual identity.

For the great time, inspiration and encouragement in Malta, a big thanks to Neil, Carla, Claire, Antonella and Sarianna! Keep up the great work and hopefully our paths will cross again in the future.

Jakob, Claire, Marina, Antonella, Neil and Carla.




Want to be a Human Rights Intern?

We’re seeking to recruit one or two Human Rights Interns to assist us in our advocacy activities. Here’s a summary of the requirements and task description, but you can download the full call here:

“The Human Rights Interns will be full and active members of our dynamic team, with tasks generally including:

  • Daily media review and compilation;
  • PHROM’s Il-Librerija data management;
  • Thematic research supporting our FRANET Research Team;
  • Logistical and other support for projects being implemented;
  • Active input in our regular Team Meetings;
  • Visits to places of concern to us;
  • Participation at conferences, trainings and seminars;
  • Support our Shadow Reporting activities;
  • General research and compilation;
  • Administrative tasks.

Prospective candidates should:

  • Be in possession of a University degree in a field related to or including human rights;
  • Be knowledgeable of or familiar with key human rights instruments (e.g. United Nations core treaties, EU Charter for Fundamental Rights, European Convention on Human Rights, etc.);
  • Have excellent computing skills. Applicants with knowledge of IT tools required to make creative use of data and information (info-graphics, design, etc.) will be preferred;
  • Have an understanding of and agreement with the organisations’ guiding principles.”

Read through the call and get in touch with us in case you have any queries. We’re looking forward to receiving your applications!