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I want to help you, how should I do this?

You can send your donation through any of the following means. If you encounter any difficulties, just let us know.

Send an SMS to the below numbers. If you’re viewing this on your mobile phone, clicking the numbers will open your Messages app.

Give us your e-mail address in the message so that we can send you a receipt & add you to our mailing list.

Get in touch with us for our bank details.

If you are a user of BOV Mobile Pay, you can simply send us your donation on 77072221.

You can post a cheque to our office:
aditus foundation, 1A Rhea Building, Triq is-Santissima Trinitá, Ħamrun MRS 2280, Malta.

Donation Information

I would like to make a donation in the amount of:


I would like this donation to go to a specific fund

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What will you do with my money?

This is a perfectly legitimate question, and we’re all for transparency and accountability of our funds.

Your donation will allow us to:

  • provide, for free, legal information and advice to persons who are are unable to pay a private lawyer or who are unable to obtain a Government Legal Aid Lawyer;
  • file cases before the Courts of Law. Your donation will allow one of our lawyers to prepare, file and follow up the Court application;
  • pay interpreters to allow us to communicate with some of our clients;
  • seek sources of funding that require us to provide a share of the total project amount (so-called ‘co-financing requirement’);
  • pay our monthly office rent, without which we’d be a homeless NGO!
  • keep our staff and interns warm in winter, cool in summer!
  • remain connected to the Internet…and over the phone!

If you select or indicate our Ġustizzja fund, your contribution will go directly to covering the expenses we incur when we file cases before national Courts. These would include the initial application fee, on-going notifications to the parties, etc. In the vast majority of cases our clients are unable to cover these costs, so we pay them ourselves. The Ġustizzja fund will help us cover them, without other areas suffering.

To contribute directly to the Ġustizzja fund, either select it when asked in the Paypal form, or simply indicate it when effecting the donation.

As always, just get in touch with us should you have any questions!

Do you accept donations from everyone?

Whilst we appreciate willingness to support our human rights work, we are nonetheless cautious about the sources of our funding. This is particularly important in relation to corporate sponsorships that could compromise our integrity. For these situations, we have internal policies that we apply on a case by case basis.

Generally we look at the following considerations

  • the company has in place policies or schemes, or has a positive track-record on issues close to our mission such as equality and non-discrimination;
  • the company does not have any history (published or unpublished) of illegal, unethical or otherwise inappropriate activities;
  • any support does not affect our operational and policy independence.

Will my donation be acknowledged, or publicised?

We will respect your privacy and will not publicise your contribution or even the fact that you have contributed to our work…unless you specifically asks us to!

However, all donations are acknowledged and a receipt will be sent where an address is provided.

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