Support Us!

Thank you for expressing an interest in supporting human rights in Malta. We are entirely reliant on charitable donations to monitor, report and act on access to human rights for all in Malta – so those who need our help can access it for free.

If you are a company or wish to donate a sum larger than €1,000 please get in touch with us since we have internal policies on such donations.

I want to help you, how should I do this?

You can send your donation through any of the following means. If you encounter any difficulties, just let us know.

Send an SMS to the below numbers. If you’re viewing this on your mobile phone, clicking the numbers will open your Messages app.

Please add your email to the message so we can send a receipt.

Get in touch with us for our bank details.

BOV Mobile Pay donations can be made on 77072221.

Cheques can be posted to our office:
aditus foundation, 1A Rhea Building, Triq is-Santissima Trinitá, Ħamrun MRS 2280, Malta.

If you have your own PayPal account, payment may be made directly to our PayPal account on this link.


If you are a company or wish to donate a sum larger than €1,000 please get in touch with us since we have internal policies on such donations.

Send us a WhatsApp message and we’ll send you a payment link.

What will my money help achieve?

All contributions are welcome and will allow us to carry out our human rights work.

  • 20 euros can contribute to interpreters that allow clients to speak in their native language.
  • 50 euros can contribute to the cost of providing free legal information for those who are struggling to access their basic human rights in Malta and taking cases to court where needed to fight for their human rights. 
  • 100 euros can contribute to research into human rights and to influencing policy and legislation for long term change.
  • 200 euros can contribute to covering our running costs, such as our office rent, IT expenses, water and electricity.

Please notify us if you want to donate to the Ġustizzja fund which covers the expenses of filing cases before national courts as our clients often cannot afford these costs.

Do you accept donations from everyone?

Donations are only accepted in line with our ethical fundraising policies so that our integrity and independence as a human rights nonprofit is never compromised. 

Donations from companies are accepted if they have policies, schemes and track records in line with our mission such as  equality and non-discrimination and they  have no history of illegal, unethical or otherwise inappropriate activities.

Donations from clients are not necessary, expected or encouraged to access our free services and will not change the support a client receives from us.

Will my donation be acknowledged, or publicised?

We respect your privacy and will not publicise your contribution or even the fact that you have contributed to our work – but you are welcome to share this information.

All donations are acknowledged and a receipt will be sent if a contact (postal or email address, or telephone number) is provided.