Mission Statement

aditus foundation is a non-governmental organisation established in 2011 with a mission to monitor, report and act on access to human rights in Malta.

Named for the Latin word for 'access', our work is focused on the attentive analysis of access to human rights recognition and enjoyment.

We believe in the universality, interdependence & indivisibility of all human rights.

Our work promotes a society where all persons are able to access and enjoy all their fundamental human rights, and access to justice and remedies should be provided in case of violations.

Our focus is primarily Malta, but we also work towards highlighting the regional & international dimensions of human rights in Malta.

aditus foundation is one of the winners of the 2014 Active Citizens of Europe (ACE) Awards - NGOs Category.

We are registered with the Malta Commissioner for Voluntary Organisations with number VO/0512.

News & Updates

What is the new Specific Residence Authorisation? Who is eligible for it? What rights/obligations are attached to it? We’ve uploaded Fact Sheet 16: Specific Residence Authorisation to our Know your rights! page…where you can find information on many legal/policy issues. Need a Fact Sheet on any human rights issue in Malta? Give us ideas, and also any corrections if you notice mistakes.

‘Larger Than Life!’ celebrates the 70th anniversary of the adoption of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights by producing and exhibiting innovative, cutting-edge and dramatic human rights posters designed by some Maltese’s leading visual artists. This is yet another project where we’re engaging with Malta’s artistic community in order to promote our human rights messages. We find this approach to be an enriching, exciting and fun way of reaching out to new audiences and ‘lightening up’ our often tough advocacy read more

On Friday evening and Saturday morning, Neil (our Director) delivered legal training to integration educators, engaged by the University of Malta to deliver cultural orientation classes to migrants and refugees. Following Government’s adoption of Integration=Belonging: Migrant Integration Strategy and Action Plan, the Integration Unit within the Ministry for European Affairs and Equality has been making steady progress towards implementation of the country’s integration agenda. In particular, free classes in English and Maltese have already started, as part of Stage 1 read more

Yes, we’re growing…well we’ve been growing for some time now so we thought it’d be nice to give some personal updates from those people who make this organisation happen…our fantastic Team! We’re growing! In the past year or so most of our Team members have been busy with new family members. We’re super happy for them all and cannot wait to start brain-washing these aditus mascots with our human rights mantras!

We welcome Malta’s decision to allow the disembarkation of the 49 migrants rescued by NGO boats, most of whom spent 18 days at sea. Disembarkation will ensure that they are provided with safety, shelter, and care. We also appreciate the solidarity expressed by other Member States and institutions of the European Union, in agreeing to share the responsibility of hosting the rescued migrants.