We are happy to offer internship opportunities.

Internships are unpaid, yet we try to offer interns the possibility to attend and travel on conferences and seminars, if available at the time of the internship. We also welcome students who are part of an Erasmus programme or a university funded placement. Applications from persons living overseas and also based in Malta are welcome, however the internship is only offered in person in our offices in Malta!

We ensure that our interns are fully integrated within our Operational Team, and that the internship is an interesting and learning experience. Each intern is assigned a staff member as supervisor, also to ensure constant mentoring and guidance. Induction training is provided to all interns, also to gauge interests, areas of expertise and capacities. A reference letter, or letter confirming the internship will be provided to all interns at the end of their traineeship if they require.

We also do our best to offer a fun experience!

We try to match the skills of the intern with the needs of the office and therefore offer an internship that can be tailored to your experience and training. You could therefore be involved in the following:

  • regular office meetings to discuss projects, activities, developments and strategies;
  • research and data collection;
  • administration and logistics;
  • IT, social media and database upkeep;
  • legal assistance and/or client relations;
  • participation in seminars, conferences and trainings (local or overseas); or
  • organisation of our activities.

We generally look for students or new graduates with an interest in law and human rights, however we are also keen to offer internships to people with administrative and/or IT skills.

  • excellent reading and writing skills (English or Maltese – if you can bring any other language to the team, it would be great!);
  • an understanding of human rights principles and values;
  • academic training or qualifications that match the skills we are looking for (law, human rights, IT, accounts, business management);
  • enthusiasm and initiative;
  • minimum 4 months’ internship duration.

Send the following to

  • a covering letter explaining your interests;
  • an updated CV;
  • an indication of when and for how long you are available for.

Are you a law student or young graduate looking for an exciting place to undergo your prattika?

Download this info sheet for details, and get in touch!

Past Intern experience:

The Morning Commute

The Morning Commute

#KeepingUpWithTheInterns For as long as I have been in the working field, I have not been a part of the morning commute. That time of day when you leave your house at 7.55am and arrive on time, but leave at 8am and arrive late. The time of day when traffic is at its highest, the crowds are hustling, the rush to work. The early bird gets the worm right? I have been many things in my life but a 9-5 girl was not read more

A tangible step towards embracing the unfamiliar with open arms

A tangible step towards embracing the unfamiliar with open arms

#KeepingUpWithTheInterns As I approach my second month as an intern at the aditus foundation, I find myself reflecting on a profound realization that has emerged from my experience thus far. First and foremost, I’ve chosen to reside in Hamrun for the entirety of my four-month internship, primarily due to its proximity to our offices. Little did I anticipate the profound self-discovery this decision would unveil.

Understanding our work in relation to migrant detention – Interview with our Director

#KeepingUpWithTheInterns Hey all! I hope all of you are doing well! Today I will be writing about something that aditus foundation works a lot on: our work on migrant detention. To help me understand this topic and the current situation better I decided to interview our Director, Dr. Neil Falzon. To start off, I asked him to explain the concept of migrant detention: “Detention is when people’s liberty is entirely taken away from them.”  As he was talking, I started read more

2021 dreams for the aditus team!

2021 dreams for the aditus team!

#KeepingUpWithTheInterns Hi All! I hope you are all doing great!  We all can say, “what a year 2020 has been!” For sure, it’s going to be a year that all of us will remember! It was a year like no other. As the year was coming to an end, here at aditus we met to think about what happened during the year in office and also at our homes. We also shared our hopes for what we wish to see read more

Interview with Richmond Foundation: impact of Covid-19 on mental health

#KeepingUpWithTheInterns Hey all! I hope everyone is staying safe and preparing for the winter! On 10 September we celebrated Mental Health Day, so this week I am sharing an interview about the impact of Covid-19 on mental health. At aditus foundation, we saw a lot of our clients being seriously affected from this pandemic due to their vulnerabilities. We also had clients who, like most of us, found it hard to cope with quarantine and isolation.  As stated in this read more

My experience as a Human Rights Intern with aditus foundation

#KeepingUpWithTheInterns It’s November already and 2020 is almost over, so is my internship.  I still remember sending my CV and being interviewed by aditus back in February of this year.  The feeling of excitement accompanied by concern that I had regarding whether they will let me in the aditus family and accept me as a human rights intern. Also, whether they would see me suitable for such an internship. Lucky Rimaz, they did, and here I am reaching the end read more

A human rights internship with aditus foundation!

#KeepingUpWithTheInterns Hey all! This week I will update you on my experiences as a Human Rights Intern with aditus foundation.  As a lot of you may know, Rimaz and I applied for this human rights internship back in January. This is my journey and experience from the beginning till now. In January aditus foundation posted the advert for this internship on their website and their social media pages. I was hesitant at first on whether I should apply. They were read more

Understanding the difference between an Asylum-Seeker, a Refugee and a Migrant.

#KeepingUpWithTheInterns Hi All! I hope you’re all doing great and enjoying the last bit of summer! This week I am going to talk about a subject around which there are a lot of misconceptions. I am going to be explaining the difference between an asylum-seeker, a refugee and a migrant. The terms  ‘asylum-seeker’, ‘refugee’,and ‘migrant’ are used to describe people who are moving: who have left their country of origin and have crossed borders. The terms ‘migrant’ and ‘refugee’ are read more

The Past, Present and Future of Human Rights

#KeepingUpWithTheInterns Hello everyone! This week both of us Human Rights Interns (Matthew and Rimaz) worked together to bring to you this blog post where we are going to explain to you briefly what Human Rights are, and talk about their origins. The post will be contemplating the past, present and future of human rights. We also produced a short video to introduce to you the 30 Human Rights presented in the declaration made by the United Nations (UN).    Simply for read more

Interview with an intern: Erna!

Interview with an intern: Erna!

#KeepingUpWithTheInterns Hey all! I hope you are all good and that you’re enjoying this blazing hot summer! It has been a while since we wrote a blog post but do not worry we are back again! Today I will be interviewing Erna Landgraf, who just finished an internship with aditus foundation. So without further ado let’s get to know Erna!