When migrants and refugees speak for themselves…

…their narratives are more authentic and hard-hitting! We are super happy to share a Shadow Report on integration issues, research and produced by a group of migrants and refugees in Malta.

Produced in the context of our 2incING project, the report is the first-ever technical submission giving a direct and unfiltered voice to migrants and refugees. This is what happens when migrants and refugees speak for themselves!

The Shadow Report, available in English and in Maltese, looks at several aspects of life in Malta. It provides a general overview of migration in Malta and then dives into specific themes: documentation, employment, citizenship, marriage, housing, asylum, and statelessness.

An interesting blend of human stories and technical observations, the Shadow Report marks a significant turning point for our own work with migrants and refugees.

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Malta’s detention regime blasted by the European Court of Human Rights!

Malta must take concrete steps to bring its detention regime in line with human rights standards. The European Court of Human Rights has said this in no unclear teams in a judgement we are celebrating as a victory for human rights in Malta!

Today, the Court delivered judgement in A.D. v. Malta. Together with JRS Malta, we had brought this case in March 2022 whilst AD was in detention and in collaboration with Advancing Child Right Strategic Litigation, ACRiSL.

The Court found a violation of Article 3 (prohibition of inhuman and degrading treatment), Article 5 (right to liberty) and Article 13 in conjunction with Article 3 (right to an effective remedy).

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The EU Charter of Fundamental Rights and refugees: what’s the link?

The project Rooting for Rights (R4R) brings together human rights organisations and experts from Cyprus, Greece, Malta and Portugal, as well the Greek National Commission of Human Rights (GNCHR), being lead organisations in the area of asylum within their national contexts. Our intention is to answer the question: “the EU Charter of Fundamental Rights and refugees: what’s the link?”

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We’ve just published Malta’s asylum statistics for 2022

We are publishing a table with Malta’s asylum statistics for 2022. It should not be an NGO doing this, but neither the International Protection Agency nor the Home Affairs Ministry publish asylum statistics, either annually or on a regular basis.

What are we publishing?

In the AIDA report for Malta covering 2022, we included data relating to Malta’s asylum procedure. The report contains information on new applications and decisions taken. For the sake of brevity and to provide the most relevant information, the AIDA report only provides a snapshot of the entire information. It is only here that you will find the full Malta asylum statistics for 2022.

In the table you will find the full statistics presented by Country of Origin of applicants. You will find information on applications (new and subsequent), and decisions broken down by the kind of decision taken. 

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