Malta continues to fail LGBTIQ+ refugees: 2 new publications

We just published two documents that show how Malta continues to fail LGBTIQ+ refugees. As part of the #Safe4All campaign, we are urging Malta to revise it’s asylum laws because the current regime simply does not offer protection to people fleeing because of their LGBTIQ+ identities and/or behaviour.

For Malta Pride 2022, and as part of our activities building up towards EuroPride 2023 (hosted in Malta), we launched a campaign that focuses on LGBTIQ+ refugees in Malta. The campaign flags that Malta designates as ‘safe’ a list of countries that criminalise in their laws LGBTIQ+ identities and/or behaviour. This is unacceptable, as Malta should not be considering these countries as safe.

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Civil Court: Refusals by Identity Malta on basis of public security must be based on evidence, Immigration Appeals Board is bound by principle of equality at arms – Analysis

In the case of Istok Lazarevic vs. Direttur tad-Dipartiment taċ-Ċittadinanza (Appell Nu 78/2018), the Civil Court of Appeal revoked a decision issued by the Immigration Appeals Board (“the Board) upholding a refusal decision by Identity Malta Agency (“the Agency”) for a single permit application on the grounds of public policy and public security.

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The David and Goliath Struggle – Legal Unit, pt 3

by Marine Giorgis, Case Officer, Legal Unit, aditus foundation

An excerpt of Marine’s input to aditus foundation’s Annual Activity Report for 2021. The full Annual Report 2021 may be downloaded here (.pdf). In the coming weeks we’ll be publishing the other team member inputs to the Annual Report.

According to article 1 of the UDHR: “All human beings are born free and equal in dignity and rights”. After a year spent at aditus, I can affirm that this is the guideline of the work carried out on a daily basis by the staff members of the NGO. They carry out a Herculean task in a struggle that resembled the one between David and Goliath. A fight for justice and rule of law that is continuing for me since I was hired as a Case Officer by aditus at the end of my internship!

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PRESS STATEMENT: Where’s the respect? – There is no us without them | STQARRIJA GĦALL-ISTAMPA: Fejn hu r-rispett? – M’hemmx aħna mingħajr huma

🇬🇧Where’s the respect? – There is no us without them

The Government has committed itself to building a ‘cosmopolitan Malta’. Workers from around the world have been invited to come to Malta – but many are not truly welcomed.  Every single day migrants, black, and brown people contribute to our growth and wellbeing and in return they face precarity, abuse, exploitation and violence. Where is the respect?

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