Training Kit: Empowering Refugee-Led Community Organisations

If Europe is to move towards more inclusive, rights-respecting and dignified laws and policies, both internally and externally, refugees must be elevated to the status of equal advocating partners through organised (formal or informal) community organisations and the role of RCOs must be identified as one of the key interlocutors between refugees and host communities.

Training Kit on Empowering Refugee-Led Community Organisations

You are a refugee keen on becoming an advocate for refugee protection!

You are a refugee-led organisation wanting to become more effective in your advocacy work!

You are an organisation that wants to support the empowerment of refugee-led groups!

The Training Kit for Empowering Refugee-Led Community Organisations is an adaptable, user-friendly training programme that you can freely download and use in your activities. It comes with a practical Handbook, telling you exactly what to do and how to do it.

Covering information and skills, the Training Kit adopts various training methodologies, including exercises, discussions, practical activities and interactive sessions. The materials are currently available in English, with versions in Italian, Greek and Dutch coming soon!

You can choose which Training Kit to download, depending on your training participants: do they want to be active in national level advocacy or do they want to target the EU institutions?

The buttons below will download a .zip folder containing Trainer Handbooks, Training Content, Evaluation Forms and Certificates of Participation…all set for you to make your own and organise your training programme!

Get in touch with us for further information, feedback or with photos from your training events!

Proudly produced by aditus foundation, Cyprus Refugee CouncilDutch Refugee CouncilEuropean Council on Refugees and ExilesGreek Forum of RefugeesJesuit Refugee Service (Malta)Mosaico – Azioni per i rifugiati. With Syrian Volunteers Netherlands as Associated Partners.

Which Training Kit do you want to download?

National Level Advocacy (EN)

Download: National Advocacy

National Level Advocacy (IT)

Download: National Advocacy (IT)

National Level Advocacy (NL)

Download: National Advocacy (NL)

EU Level Advocacy (EN)

Download: EU Advocacy

National Level Advocacy (GR)

Download: National Advocacy (GR)