EVENT: The Anti-SLAPP Directive: A good fit for Maltese law?

Event Outline:

Earlier in 2023, the Chamber of Advocates and aditus foundation delivered an information session on the growing phenomenon of litigation aimed at stifling public participation, more commonly called SLAPPs.

Since that date, the European Parliament has approved a first draft of the Anti-SLAPP Directive (Directive 2022/0117), which was subsequently referred to the European Council – which in turn appears to favour a watered-down version of the proposed directive.  The final text of the Directive is not yet approved, and will depend on the feedback received from the various member states if it is to be amended.

This event aims to tackle the following topics:

  1. Directive 2022/0117: what are its key provisions, and how are these provisions expected to work?
  2. How will the directive’s provisions be implemented into Maltese law, and how will they be harmonised with existing legal principles?  Are any problems immediately evident, and will Maltese law need to change in order to accommodate this directive?

How do the industry stakeholders see this? What do journalists, policy-makers and lawyers make of the current draft directive? What feedback do they have for improvement?  What roles will they be expected to play in their respective fields after the directive is introduced?

Who should attend this event?

The event is open to all legal practitioners (especially those working in media law), journalists, as well as those working in the media and in organisations that aim to protect press freedom and the safety of journalists.


Participation is free, but registration is necessary beforehand.

Brussels Anti-SLAPP Legal training: Experiences from the PATFox Project

On 28 February 2023, the PATFox’s consortium organised a conference Anti-SLAPP Legal training: Experiences from the PATFox Project, at the premises of the European Parliament. The project Pioneering anti-SLAPP Training for Freedom of Expression (PATFox), co- funded by the European Commission, is pioneering the Europe’s first anti-SLAPP training, upskilling the lawyers representing journalists and human rights defenders against those litigating to shut down legitimate criticism in 11 EU member states (Spain, Germany, Malta, Bulgaria, Hungary, Croatia, Romania, Slovakia, Cyprus, Poland and Slovenia). aditus foundation is the Malta partner of the PATFox Consortium.

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The first of its kind in Malta: Training for lawyers to Defend Victims of SLAPPs

This week aditus foundation, together with the Chamber of Advocates, held a training for lawyers to defend victims of Strategic litigation against public participation (SLAPPs). This three-hour workshop, a first of its kind in Malta, used both local and European practitioners and academics to examine existing local and European legislation that can be used by practising lawyers to defends journalists and media organisations, NGOs and activists when threatened or faced with a SLAPP.

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Agenda: Training Lawyers to Defend Victims of SLAPPs

We are thrilled to share the final agenda for the Training Lawyers to Defend Victims of SLAPPs workshop. We have both local and foreign academics, practitioners and campaigners ready to share their knowledge on the emerging legislation and trends for defending against strategic litigation against public participation.

In order to register for this free workshop please fill in the form below. Please note that the session will be carried out in person at the Chamer of Advocates Conference Hall in the Court Buildings, Valletta.

Training Lawyers to Defend Victims of SLAPPs  (Strategic litigation against public participation)

In January 2023, aditus foundation together with the Chamber of Advocates Malta, will be offering training to lawyers defending journalists and media organisations, NGOs and activists, against companies and governmental figures using lawfare to shut down legitimate criticism.

The training is being carried out within the ambit of the Pioneering anti-SLAPP Training for Freedom of Expression (PATFox) project is co-funded by the European Commission-DG Justice.

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