A new cooperation to strengthen our fight against illegal detention, because #ThereAreAlternatives

We are thrilled to announce a new cooperation that will strengthen our fight against illegal detention in Malta. Throughout 2023, we will be cooperating with the German NGO PRO ASYL in all our detention activities. This cooperation will boost our #ThereAreAlternatives campaign, pushing for Malta to bring its practices in line with fundamental human rights law.

In particular, PRO ASYL is providing us with financial support that will allow our lawyers to be more present in the detention centres to meet detained persons and see to their legal needs. This cooperation is also ensuring that our lawyers are able to visit our clients with much-needed interpreters, and to provide the people we meet with Fact Sheets about their legal situation.

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We urge MEPs to prevent harmful and discriminatory AI systems in migration

We just sent this appeal to Malta’s MEPs, urging them to prevent the harmful use of AI systems in the context of migration.

On 14 June, the European Parliament will vote on the EU Artificial Intelligence Act (AI Act). On behalf of the 200 organisations supporting the #ProtectNotSurveil campaign, we call on MEPs to ensure equal protection to migrants and people on the move, preventing harm from the use of AI systems in the migration context.  

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Human rights at the borders training: our Legal Officer reports!

Last month, I had the privilege to participate in a training organised by the OSCE Office for Democratic Institutions and Human Rights on the topic of Human Rights at International Borders: Monitoring, Safety and Security of Human Rights Defenders.

This week was a unique opportunity to take a step back from my daily duties as a Legal Officer at aditus foundation. In fact, it is extremely easy to get caught up in the busyness of providing legal assistance to the most at need in a period when migration policies are increasingly austere. I believe it is crucial to dedicate some time to think about what we do, why we do it, and how we do it in order to have the ‘bigger picture’ in mind and achieve greater goals. 

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“Things that matter to the communities”: watch our video refugees and migrants meeting Government partners

On Friday 27 January we organised a colloquy between refugee-led organisations and Government. The event was a joint effort between aditus foundation, African Media Association (Malta) and Spark15, part of the project 2incING. After so many months of virtual conversations, the colloquy was a needed face to face conversation about important integration themes: documentation, education, citizenship, political participation. As such, it was an important forum bringing refugees, migrants and Government to the integration table.

Watch our video clip on refugees and migrants meeting Government partners.

Undocumented and forgotten: Milos’ struggle for residence after his marriage broke down

“Serbian national Milos Petric has shared his heartbreaking story which has seen him end up undocumented and at risk of losing contact with his 3 Maltese children after his marriage broke down.

Milos first arrived in Malta in 2010, and has lived here permanently since 2012. When he returned to Malta in 2012, he met a Maltese woman who he would go on and marry. The two have three children all under the age of 10.

Speaking to this newsroom, Milos explained how his marriage eventually broke down and they obtained a separation in December 2021. Since then, he’s been trying to secure what is known as a ‘Zambrano permit’ which would allow him to remain in Malta based on the fact that he has Maltese children even though he is no longer married to a Maltese national.”

We will do all we can for Milos to enjoy his rights and his family. Read his full story here.

From newsbook.com.mt