A new cooperation to strengthen our fight against illegal detention, because #ThereAreAlternatives

We are thrilled to announce a new cooperation that will strengthen our fight against illegal detention in Malta. Throughout 2023, we will be cooperating with the German NGO PRO ASYL in all our detention activities. This cooperation will boost our #ThereAreAlternatives campaign, pushing for Malta to bring its practices in line with fundamental human rights law.

In particular, PRO ASYL is providing us with financial support that will allow our lawyers to be more present in the detention centres to meet detained persons and see to their legal needs. This cooperation is also ensuring that our lawyers are able to visit our clients with much-needed interpreters, and to provide the people we meet with Fact Sheets about their legal situation.

This cooperation strengthens our resolve to push for real changes in the way Malta receives asylum-seekers and migrants.

Illegal detention is not a humane or acceptable component of any migration management regime.

There are alternatives!

Neil Falzon, aditus foundation Director

In fact, we have just added Fact Sheet No. 25 to our ‘Know your rights!‘ initiative. The Fact Sheet provide useful information on Malta’s detention regime: how long is permissible? Where to appeal? What documents should be distributed? How do I obtain legal support?

Our cooperation with PRO ASYL will allow us to translate these important document to key languages (already available in English, French, Arabic and Bangla) and to distribute them widely.