A tangible step towards embracing the unfamiliar with open arms


As I approach my second month as an intern at the aditus foundation, I find myself reflecting on a profound realization that has emerged from my experience thus far.

First and foremost, I’ve chosen to reside in Hamrun for the entirety of my four-month internship, primarily due to its proximity to our offices. Little did I anticipate the profound self-discovery this decision would unveil.

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Maltese Court rules that Access to Detention Centres by Public Watchdogs is key to holding authorities to account

A Maltese court, presided over by Mr. Justice Toni Abela, recently ruled that journalists, in their role as public watchdogs, must have access to detention centres in which migrants and asylum-seekers are held and to Corradino Correctional Facility [Emanuel Delia Vs L-Onorevoli Byron Camilleri et. Rikors Numru 201/20TA, December 2023]. In a case instituted by Maltese journalist Manuel Delia, it was argued that the refusal to allow access to journalists to detention and prison is a breach of the right to freedom of expression and allows for the actions of the authorities to be subject to public scrutiny.

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SMART Goals To Strengthen Access to Justice for Improved Human Rights Protection

The Strengthening Access to Justice for Improved Human Rights Protection project aims to improve access to Justice where fundamental human rights issues arise, with a particular emphasis on vulnerable or marginalised groups. However how does one turn seemingly intangible aims into practical goals that can be achieved? What is it really that we want to achieve? How is the rule of law linked to the enjoyment of rights for individuals?

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Two Steps foward, One Step Back

The European Commission 2021 Rule of Law Report Country Chapter on the Rule of Law Situation in Malta

According to the 2021 Rule of Law Report Country Chapter on the Rule of Law Situation in Malta, Malta has made significant progress within the domestic justice system particularly with regard to the reform of judicial appointments and judicial discipline, and also the appointment of the Chief Justice, in fact the level or perceived independence has increased and this in view of enhancing judicial independence and subsequently facilitating access to justice. The main legislative changes that addressed these issues were highlighted in another post Venice Commission: regrets that 6 Bills adopted before opinion could be finalised, before it could engage with the national stakeholders.