No, normality has not been restored! – Times of Malta opinion piece

This is our Director’s opinion piece for Times of Malta, published on 13 February 2020.

Despite the radical developments in Malta over the past months, it cannot be said that normality has been restored. After weeks of taking to the streets, we at Aditus Foundation welcomed Joseph Muscat’s resignation and Prime Minister Robert Abela’s statements on governance reform.

Yet, it would be foolish to believe or act as if Malta’s institutional shortcomings have miraculously disappeared.

Our democracy is still extremely vulnerable and we are concerned that the gravest threats come from within.

Notwithstanding their shameful activities, Muscat and Konrad Mizzi remain members of Parliament. There, they are able to exercise authority and influence laws that govern every aspect of all our lives and that of our nation.

This is clearly unacceptable and no argument on their political right to those two seats will make us think otherwise.

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Proposed EU military in Libya: our reaction

Our Director spoke to the Malta Independent on Sunday and shared our views on the proposed EU military action in Libya.

“Who will bear the responsibility for collateral damage? Yes, destroy the business as you would any other business model: eliminate the demand, kill the profitability. If refugees and other migrants can get to Europe safely and legally, smugglers will lose their monopoly. If you simply destroy their boats, they will simply adapt and come up with routes to Europe that could be far more dangerous than those we know of today.

Our main message therefore, as always when promoting a rights-based approach to policy-making, is to never lose sight of the human dimension,” Dr Falzon said.

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