The David and Goliath Struggle – Legal Unit, pt 3

by Marine Giorgis, Case Officer, Legal Unit, aditus foundation

An excerpt of Marine’s input to aditus foundation’s Annual Activity Report for 2021. The full Annual Report 2021 may be downloaded here (.pdf). In the coming weeks we’ll be publishing the other team member inputs to the Annual Report.

According to article 1 of the UDHR: “All human beings are born free and equal in dignity and rights”. After a year spent at aditus, I can affirm that this is the guideline of the work carried out on a daily basis by the staff members of the NGO. They carry out a Herculean task in a struggle that resembled the one between David and Goliath. A fight for justice and rule of law that is continuing for me since I was hired as a Case Officer by aditus at the end of my internship!

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PRESS STATEMENT: Where’s the respect? – There is no us without them | STQARRIJA GĦALL-ISTAMPA: Fejn hu r-rispett? – M’hemmx aħna mingħajr huma

🇬🇧Where’s the respect? – There is no us without them

The Government has committed itself to building a ‘cosmopolitan Malta’. Workers from around the world have been invited to come to Malta – but many are not truly welcomed.  Every single day migrants, black, and brown people contribute to our growth and wellbeing and in return they face precarity, abuse, exploitation and violence. Where is the respect?

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VACANCY: We’re hiring a passionate & driven lawyer to join our NGO


We are looking for a lawyer to join our pro bono legal team at aditus foundation. The legal team carries out impact litigation, advocacy and public outreach, to ensure the protection of fundamental rights to our client base. In particular, the work focuses on protecting asylum and migration rights to asylum-seekers and beneficiaries of protection from arrival, through the application stage including possible appeals right on to ensuring the enjoyment of rights afforded to refugees. The lawyer will be responsible for litigation and developing strategy together with the legal and advocacy team.

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Malta’s Institutional Neglect of migants – A Timeline

In 2020 the Council of Europe’s Committee for the Prevention of Torture and Inhuman or Degrading Treatment or Punishment described Malta’s detention regime as amounting to “institutional neglect“. The conditions and incidences outlined in the CPT report are only the most recent in Malta’s long and shameful history in its treatment of migrants and asylum-seekers that have reached our shores since 2002.

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