Published: Input Paper on Access to Justice

The Strengthening Access to Justice for Improved Human Rights Protection project has as its objective the improving of access to justice for individuals wishing to strengthen their human rights protection in those instances when they feel that they have been violated. Whilst Malta has a relatively strong human rights regime that seeks to protect a long list of fundamental human rights, the practical protection offered to persons whose rights have been violated or might be violated is rather weak.

These obstacles to effective protection have been identified by aditus foundation and several reports and research, including by the Venice Commission, the European Parliament, the European Commission and in the Kummissionjoni Għal Riforma Ħolistika Fil-Qasam tal-Ġustizzja report on Malta’s justice system. aditus carried out a comprehensive literature review of all recommendations in order to avoid duplication of efforts and to build on previous expertise and efforts by other monitoring and professional entities.

The Strengthening Access to Justice for Improved Human Rights Protection: A Prioritised List of Recommendations gathers our findings and will be used as a basis for our advocacy in the coming months. You can read it below, via this link here or download a pdf version. We also have hard copies in our office, please contact us via email should you wish to receive a hard copy.

In order to assist with analyising the developments since the begining of the project in 2021, we would also be very grateful to stakeholders, including NGO staff, private lawyers, and public servants working in Government agencies or departments, to take this very short survey on access to justice: