When migrants and refugees speak for themselves…

…their narratives are more authentic and hard-hitting! We are super happy to share a Shadow Report on integration issues, research and produced by a group of migrants and refugees in Malta.

Produced in the context of our 2incING project, the report is the first-ever technical submission giving a direct and unfiltered voice to migrants and refugees. This is what happens when migrants and refugees speak for themselves!

The Shadow Report, available in English and in Maltese, looks at several aspects of life in Malta. It provides a general overview of migration in Malta and then dives into specific themes: documentation, employment, citizenship, marriage, housing, asylum, and statelessness.

An interesting blend of human stories and technical observations, the Shadow Report marks a significant turning point for our own work with migrants and refugees.

It consolidates years of advocacy and work on the notion that discussions on legal and policy measures require effective and real engagement with those people directly affected by them. Supporting the empowerment of refugee and migrant communities has always been a key priority for us, mainstreamed across our activities.

We hope this excellent Shadow Report will provide the basis for a fruitful and meaningful exchange between Government and the various communities living here.

The Shadow Report is available in English and in Maltese.

The 2incING project is partially funded by the European Union.