We turned 1 a few weeks ago, & now we’ve published our 2011 Annual Report

It’s been just over one year that a group of 3 young Maltese lawyers got together & wondered – for the hundredth time – what they could do to improve the level of human rights in Malta.  Since then, aditus foundation was born, registered as a non-profit & voluntary foundation & go going on a series of projects & initiatives that put it clearly on the national human rights scene.

We’re all terribly happy with what we achieved in 2011!  Beyond the exciting projects we worked on with so many local & international partners, 2011 helped us better understand who aditus is & what it wants to do in Malta…& the list of Things To Do is a long one!

Our Annual Report for the year can be downloaded here.

A big THANKS to everyone who supported us.

Nikki, Carla & Neil