Happy Birthday aditus foundation!

Celebrating 10 years of human rights work 

This year, 2021, we are honoured to be celebrating our tenth birthday! On 31 March 2011 the Commissioner for Voluntary Organisations confirmed our application and registered us as a human rights NGO with a mission to “monitor, report and act on access to human rights in Malta.” Our vision, then, was to establish a professional organisation that would target Malta’s human rights framework. We wanted to closely scrutinise those structures mandated to respect, protect and fulfil the fundamental human rights of all persons living in Malta: legislation, policies, institutions…

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Happy Birthday aditus foundation!

aditus foundation was born four years ago. On 30 March 2011 aditus was formally registered with the Commissioner for Voluntary Organisations. Back then, the organisation was essentially regular meetings happening around a Birkirkara dining-room table. Our Director, Neil, used to meet with the small group of keen volunteers and explore ways of getting those meetings off the ground and into action. The vision was based on aditus’ mission, clearly presented in the organisation’s Statutes:

  1. “to reinforce the universality, interdependence and indivisibility of human rights;
  2. to observe, act and report on human rights access, particularly in relation to marginalised, vulnerable and excluded persons or groups;
  3. to promote a rights-based understanding and application of human rights;
  4. to foster a human-rights friendly environment based on individual and social empowerment and dialogue; and
  5. to highlight the regional and international dimensions of human rights in Malta.”

We’re happy that this vision is still very alive today in all our activities, projects and relationships. In the past four years we’ve gradually converted the it into an operational programme that has taken us, and keeps taking us, into some of Malta’s most challenging human rights scenarios. We’ve had successes and failures, all shaping the path ahead and telling us how to be more effective in achieving our goals.

We’ve built very strong and fruitful friendships with like-minded persons, organisations and entities, in Malta and overseas. We cherish these friendships not only for the benefit they bring to our human rights advocacy but mostly for the truly amazing spirit and support that they create and nurture.

On our fourth birthday we’d like to sincerely thank all these friends for welcoming us in their communities and for supporting our vision.

Happy Birthday aditus!


We turned 1 a few weeks ago, & now we’ve published our 2011 Annual Report

It’s been just over one year that a group of 3 young Maltese lawyers got together & wondered – for the hundredth time – what they could do to improve the level of human rights in Malta.  Since then, aditus foundation was born, registered as a non-profit & voluntary foundation & go going on a series of projects & initiatives that put it clearly on the national human rights scene.

We’re all terribly happy with what we achieved in 2011!  Beyond the exciting projects we worked on with so many local & international partners, 2011 helped us better understand who aditus is & what it wants to do in Malta…& the list of Things To Do is a long one!

Our Annual Report for the year can be downloaded here.

A big THANKS to everyone who supported us.

Nikki, Carla & Neil