ToM: ElHiblu3 cargo ship linked to phantom terrorism incident, owned by self-proclaimed “Libyan Pirate”, caught smuggling € 76 million worth of cocaine. 

The Times of Malta reports that:

The #ElHiblu3 cargo ship, linked to phantom terrorism incident in Malta in 2019 and owned by self-proclaimed “Libyan Pirate” Salah Ali Muhammad El Hiblu, was caught smuggling circa € 76 million worth of cocaine in Spain in 2021. The crew attempted to scuttle the vessel once they realised they were being intercepted, however, the Spanish police managed to recover the illegal cargo.

In 2019, Salah El Hiblu, his brother Nadar El Hiblu and crew testified against the 3 teenage boys who were later charged with terrorism activities. The three say they only acted as mediattors and interpreters for the rest of the ship’s passengers. International pressure, including from the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights and Amnesty International, has been mounting on the AG to drop the charges.

Can Malta’s case against the #ElHiblu3 hold when based on statements made by a gang of pirates?

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