Factsheet on Judicial Independence & the Rule of Law

The Rule Of Law for Lawyers (ROLL) project aims to promote independent and effective judicial systems that protects human rights by strengthening the knowledge and ability of lawyers and civil society organizations (CSOs) in national and European strategic litigation.

Judicial independence is under attack or stress in many EU countries.  It is indispensable for protecting access to justice and human rights. This project seeks to foster the effective use of strategic litigation to ensure access to judicial systems that are independent and effective. It achieves this by increasing the capacity of human rights lawyers and CSOs, facilitating the exchange of best practices, and increasing the awareness and understanding of the importance of the rule of law and use of strategic litigation to protect and promote it by national human rights institutes (NHRI), lawyers and law students.

At the outset of the project, the ICJ-EI has published a general Factsheet on Judicial independence and the Rule of law and is available below:

The Factsheet on Judicial Independence and the Rule of Law

The Factsheet is a general document providing basic information for lawyers across the EU, not necessarily expert in the rule of law or judicial independence. It includes introductory section on Judicial independence and the rule of law, a section on international law, and a section on judicial independence in EU law.

You can download the Factsheet here and #LetsRoll

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