Feeling Aggrieved by Zarb’s online hate speech rant?

You can use our standard text to file a police complaint and/or send a letter to the NCPE   1. File a Police Complaint Any person who feels aggrieved by the online hate speech rant published by Mr. Zarb on the 26th October, 2017 from his Facebook page may file a complaint with the police in two ways:

Solidarity with MEP Mestola

The recent threats against MEP Roberta Metsola are a worrying reminder of what happens when societies ignore, support or fuel right-wing sentiments and expressions. It is unacceptable for any person to be attacked in such a manner,  and we expect a full and unequivocal condemnation of these threats by the competent authorities. Discussions on migration are challenging and often trigger deep emotional reactions. It is a complex subject that touches upon those elements held so dearly by many persons: identity, religion, … read more