Solidarity with MEP Mestola

The recent threats against MEP Roberta Metsola are a worrying reminder of what happens when societies ignore, support or fuel right-wing sentiments and expressions. It is unacceptable for any person to be attacked in such a manner,  and we expect a full and unequivocal condemnation of these threats by the competent authorities.

Discussions on migration are challenging and often trigger deep emotional reactions. It is a complex subject that touches upon those elements held so dearly by many persons: identity, religion, security and family. Because is so sensitive and complex, it demands respect for all involved, accurate information on which to base arguments and conclusions and a common understanding that the expression of disagreements is an integral part of democracy.

The values of decency, human dignity and fundamental human rights must be at the core of our discussions on migrants and refugees, whatever our positions and opinions.

Yet hatred, violence, and vulgarity seem to be the only values known to those persons who are unwilling to engage in a more respectful, dignified and constructive manner. They seek to instil fear in the hope that the debate will scurry away or, worse, that it will be killed.

“aditus foundation supports a more productive expressive freedom. Often on the receiving end of similar threats, we nonetheless insist on upholding fundamental human rights at all times, and at all costs. We therefore express our solidarity with MEP Metsola and with all persons and institutions who come under vicious fire for their work, opinions and beliefs,” commented aditus Director Dr. Neil Falzon.

We therefore invite the Maltese authorities and all of society to take a clearer stand against racism and hate speech, in support of a migration discussion that is inclusive, respectful and dignified.

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