The release of 9 detained Malians is a human rights victory!

We welcome the announcement that the nine Malian men detained for three months will finally be released. The Minister for Home Affairs and National Security confirmed that difficulties obtaining documentation from Mali was impeding the men’s deportation, possibly for an indefinite period. Human rights, EU and Maltese law only allow States to detain migrants prior to their removal when the removal is actually being pursued with due diligence. The nine men’s on-going detention was therefore not in compliance with applicable … read more

Joint letter to the Prime Minister regarding the on-going detention of 9 men

Hon. Prime Minister, We the undersigned NGOs, all of whom are actively involved in the field of migration, are writing this open letter to express our grave concern about the situation of the nine Malian nationals who are currently in detention supposedly awaiting to be returned to Mali. We firmly believe that their continued detention is unlawful, for all of the reasons outlined below, and we call upon the government to release them from detention immediately.  All nine have been … read more

Screening of Burning Bikinis: Bikinis, Society, Women

Screening: 3rd March, 2017 @ 15:00 –  St James Cavalier, Valletta “Attention girls: … Do not try to attract attention by laughing or talking loudly in a public place… Do not exaggerate in the clothes you wear. Boys are very often embarrassed if the girl they are with is wearing too mini a skirt, too much make-up or a dress which is too low cut. – Times of Malta, Friday June 7, 1968” As an International Woman’s Day event aditus will screen its docu-film Burning … read more

National Training on Access to Immigrant Children’s Rights

National Training Workshop: 16th – 17th February, 2017 The International Commission of Jurists (ICJ) and aditus foundation are organising a one and a half-day training for legal practitioners (lawyers, trainee lawyers, judicial assistants and legal procurators) which will focus on the right of children to be heard and participate in judicial proceedings, the economic and social rights of migrant children and access to international human rights mechanisms. The training will be conducted by Karolina Babicka, ICJ and Joris Sprakel, Hague University. On … read more