Watch our video celebrating refugee voices!

Our project 2incING is all about strengthening and celebrating the voices of migrants and refugees. Why? Because, like everyone else, they are not passive subjects of our laws, our policies, our systems and our norms. They are active players in our communities who should have more control over their futures here in Malta. This video is all about celebrating their voices!

Our project tries to bring communities and Government closer together to talk, to listen, to engage and to commit to working together for a better place for all.

As part of this project, we’re publishing a series of short video-clips capturing various aspects of migrant and refugee engagement in Malta. This new clip transmits the energy at the 2023 World Refugee Day, in particular a Housing and Homelessness talk during Spark Fest organised as part of Refugee Week Malta.

Other videos in this series, and all our other videos, can be watched on our YouTube channel.