NGOs urge government to work together to avoid migrant hopelessness: Joint NGO Press Release on the death of Frederick Ofusu

We are saddened beyond words by the tragic news of the death of Frederick Ofusu, who took his life on a building site in Qawra just days ago. His death is a stark reminder, if any were needed, of just how devastating the impact of living in a state of constant uncertainty is for people. Frederick is by no means the first casualty of the hopelessness and despair induced by government decisions that significantly reduce the rights of migrants and … read more

“The Ministry’s plans will render hundreds of men, women and children destitute”

Plans announced today by the Ministry of Home Affairs and National Security relating to the situation of hundreds of men, women and children constitute a regression of fundamental human rights for some, and a clear path towards destitution for most. We reiterate our appeal that migrants who are, by the State’s own admission, non-returnable through no fault of their own, be offered the possibility to regularise their status in Malta thereby acknowledging their contributions, securing a dignified life and supporting … read more

Joint NGO Statement on the non-renewal of Temporary Humanitarian Protection N status

We are extremely concerned at the arbitrary decision taken by the Ministry for Home Affairs and National Security to suspend the renewal of Temporary Humanitarian Protection N (THPN) pending a review of this status by the Ministry. This decision has effectively stripped men, women and children of their identity documentation with severe implications on their ability to access employment, healthcare, education and other basic services. Overnight, and without a clear plan of action, the Ministry has thrown people into the … read more

Non-renewal of Temporary Humanitarian Protection N status…what’s going on?

Over the past few days news has been circulating that the Ministry for Home Affairs and National Security is reviewing Temporary Humanitarian Protection Status N (THPN). This is a national status the Office of the Refugee Commissioner (RefCom) grants to failed asylum-seekers who Malta has not been able to return to their countries of origin and who have shown to be integrating. In practice, this latter points means that, to be eligible for THPN status, applicants are required to fulfil … read more