NGOs urge government to work together to avoid migrant hopelessness: Joint NGO Press Release on the death of Frederick Ofusu

We are saddened beyond words by the tragic news of the death of Frederick Ofusu, who took his life on a building site in Qawra just days ago. His death is a stark reminder, if any were needed, of just how devastating the impact of living in a state of constant uncertainty is for people.

Frederick is by no means the first casualty of the hopelessness and despair induced by government decisions that significantly reduce the rights of migrants and leave people in a state of limbo for years on end with no way out. The recent decision to round up migrants who have lived in Malta for years, coupled with the revocation of THPN status created a climate of fear and intimidation among migrants, especially rejected asylum-seekers.

Those suffering from mental health problems are even more likely to be negatively affected by the heightened uncertainty and the state of induced powerlessness. The situation of rejected asylum-seekers, who have very limited rights and are extremely vulnerable to exploitation and abuse, remains one of extreme concern.

We therefore urge the government to create clear legal pathways to regularisation for rejected asylum-seekers who have not been returned in spite of the fact that they cooperated with legitimate attempts to deport them.

We welcome any measure that addresses these concerns and remain ready and available to discuss such matters with the Ministry.

Statement of:

aditus foundation, the Critical Institute, Foundation for Shelter and Support to Migrants, Integra Foundation, International Association for Refugees, Jesuit Refugee Service (Malta), Malta Emigrants’ Commission, Migrant Women Association Malta, Migrants’ Network for Equality, Organisation for Friendship in Diversity, Peace and Good Foundation, People for Change Foundation, Solidarity with Migrants Network, SOS Malta, Spark 15.

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