Human rights and pastizzi: Jakob’s experience with us!

Having just arrived in Malta and making my way to work on my first day with aditus, I didn’t really know what to expect of the upcoming two months, which seemed like a long time back then. Looking back now, after those two months flew by in no time, I regret not having had double the time.

What I gained from the internship – apart from weight due to a pastizzi-overload and a real sense of patience during daily traffic jams – were truly valuable experiences in defending, advocating for and promoting human rights.

In the course of the two months I had the opportunity to contribute to asylum casework, to help organising an advocacy campaign for holders of temporary protection status, to take part in workshops and stakeholder meetings, as well as to conduct research on important legal issues.

Most important of all, I got to work together with a great team of young people, who showed me what all that law-studying might be good for after all: employing legal means and vigorous advocacy to achieve justice and equality for all members of society, disregarding class, color or sexual identity.

For the great time, inspiration and encouragement in Malta, a big thanks to Neil, Carla, Claire, Antonella and Sarianna! Keep up the great work and hopefully our paths will cross again in the future.

Jakob, Claire, Marina, Antonella, Neil and Carla.




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