Undocumented and forgotten: Milos’ struggle for residence after his marriage broke down

“Serbian national Milos Petric has shared his heartbreaking story which has seen him end up undocumented and at risk of losing contact with his 3 Maltese children after his marriage broke down.

Milos first arrived in Malta in 2010, and has lived here permanently since 2012. When he returned to Malta in 2012, he met a Maltese woman who he would go on and marry. The two have three children all under the age of 10.

Speaking to this newsroom, Milos explained how his marriage eventually broke down and they obtained a separation in December 2021. Since then, he’s been trying to secure what is known as a ‘Zambrano permit’ which would allow him to remain in Malta based on the fact that he has Maltese children even though he is no longer married to a Maltese national.”

We will do all we can for Milos to enjoy his rights and his family. Read his full story here.

From newsbook.com.mt