“You’ve failed to protect the interests of the workers” – Letter to GWU & UĦM

🇬🇧Press Statement 22.07.22

Eight organisations active in support of workers’ rights, parental rights and equality between women and men, have sent a letter to the General Workers Union (GWU) and Union Ħaddiema Magħqudin (UHM) to express their great disappointment at the role the unions played in the transposition of the European Directive on work-life balance, and to stress that this weak law should change.

The organisations expressed their deep dismay that during discussions, which happened behind closed doors on the Employment Relations Board, the unions agreed to the Directive’s transposition in a way that did not adequately take into account the needs of the female and male workers who have family and care responsibilities. Legal Notice 201 of 2022, which transposes the Directive, gives the least possible to workers in Malta, with the result that, in practice, the objectives of the Directive will not be achieved.

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