Shadow Reporting

An integral part of our work, as embodied in our tripartite mission (monitor, act and report), is to report on the situation of human rights in Malta. Within our resource constraints, we are keen to take the lead in researching, drafting and submitting human rights Shadow Reports to various entities, primarily the United Nations human rights bodies and the EU Commission.

The latter body is particular relevant in the context of transposition into Maltese law of EU Directives, Malta’s implementation of EU obligations and compliance with the EU Charter of Fundamental Rights.

We believe in the importance of this activity, as it has the potential of gathering institutional support and interventions on our concerns, thereby strengthening the advocacy framework within which we operate.

Furthermore, we identified joint submissions as the most effective and efficient way forward. In this spirit, we often invite interested organisations to approach us if interested in joining our growing coalition of shadow reporters. Our activities within the Platform of Human Rights Organisations in malta are evidence of our efforts at uniting voices and capacities in order to maximise impact.

To date, we have liaised with:

Our work as FRANET Member, with the EU Fundamental Rights Agency also falls within our mandate to Report on national human rights issues.

Our Shadow Reports and submissions are all available on our Publications page.


Joint training with the International Commission of Jurists on international human rights & migration.