Turning the Tables

Turning the Tables (TTT) is a migrant led initiative which aims to tackle integration related matters leading to policy changes. TTT is being funded through the Learning-Exchanging-Integrating Project as part of the implementation of the Migrant Integration Strategy and Action Plan (Vision 2020) issued by the Government of Malta in December of 2017. 

The project beneficiary is the Intercultural and Anti-Racism Unit within the Human Rights and Integration Directorate. The TTT project aims to highlight how integration is an opportunity, whereby both newcomers to society, as well as the host society, work together in a positive way. The ultimate objective being the to maximization of the level of the migrants’ own sense of belonging in Maltese society and the space Maltese society allows for such integration in its different sectors.

aditus’ role

Through this project, eight (8) publications on integration related topics will be produced and disseminated amongst the migrant community, Maltese and other relevant stakeholders.

aditus was chosen, after a call for applications, as the TTT Researcher and Publication Writer. Shaun Grech is the lead researcher on behalf of the aditus team. Whilst African Media Association won the bid to act as the TTT working Group Leader and is the focal point for the working groups.

The topics of the publications will be related to migration, integration and human rights such as access to education, employment, and documentation. The publications will follow the work of specific working groups set up to discuss different topics chosen by migrant communities which represent challenges in the daily lives of migrants. The selected topics include:

  • Education
  • Employment
  • Documentation
  • Political Rights
  • Detention.

The aim of the working groups is to raise and discuss policy proposals which are then presented during the main conference. Shaun will also be documenting such discussions, follow development and document findings which will then be published. These publications will then serve as a useful advocacy tool.

Should you have any queries on our role in this project or on integration issues in general contact Shaun or Carla on [email protected].