Stakeholder Information Sessions

What was the idea of the project?
  1. Improve access to entitlements from mainstream service-providers by beneficiaries of international protection
  2. Provide training and information to ensure that relevant public and commercial service-providers, including their front desk staff, are well aware of the different statuses and the corresponding entitlements of various groups of persons approaching them

  3. Produce and distribute a practical and flexible ‘Stakeholder tool on integration, self-reliance and access to services in Malta’ to support the provision and implementation of services.


With the support of UNHCR Malta Office.

What is the ‘kun infurmat’ (‘be informed’) booklet?

This is an accessible booklet containing the most important asylum-related information relevant to Malta.  It is written in a non-legal and non-technical language to ensure readability.  The tool was distributed in all Information Session participants, and was produced in Malta to ensure increased accessibility. It can be downloaded from the picture below.

It contains information on:

  1. What is the difference between a refugee and any other migrant?

  2. What are the rights of refugees?

  3. What documents are given to refugees?

  4. Which government agency is responsible for the various stages of a refugee’s life in Malta?

  5. What happens from the moment asylum-seekers come to Malta onwards?

  6. …and many more questions.

The project’s documentation can be downloaded here:

Nitkellmu? Refugee Integration Perspectives in Malta

kun infurmat (2nd version)