Larger Than Life!


1 January 2019 – 1 December 2019.

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This project is funded through the Arts Council Malta, Creative Communities.

Project Description

‘Larger Than Life!’ celebrates the 70th anniversary of the adoption of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights by producing and exhibiting innovative, cutting-edge and dramatic human rights posters designed by some Maltese’s leading visual artists.

Through its Curatorial Team, which will include local artist and curator Alexandra Pace, the project will commission 10 carefully-selected local artists to design large-scale Malta-relevant human rights posters, which are able to report/mediate fundamental messages as dignity, equality, respect, diversity.

Why this project?

For us, the art world is a very effective tool not just in advocacy and awareness-raising campaigns, but also for translating human rights messages into discussions, ultimately stimulating thinking and activism.

We believe that the excellent work done by human rights NGOs deserves more verve, more colour, more edge and – generally – a more contemporary and challenging approach.

The local designs will be donated to key partners and also made available for sale or for use in schools.

Human rights posters give us those ideals that we feel are far removed from our present lives.

Ideals and values that we feel are nonetheless within, but larger than life itself!

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