Integration Mapping Research

01 January 2022 – 30 June 2022

Asylum, Migration, Integration Fund 2014-2020 and National Funds.

Intercultural and Anti-Racism Unit, Human Rights Directorate

Further to a request for quotation, aditus foundation was selected by the Human Rights Directorate, within the Ministry for Equality, Research and Innovation, to carry out research on the siutation in Malta regarding certain aspects of integration.

In particular, the research and subsequent publications will focus on pathways to citizenship, family reunion, socialisation and mental health. These four reports will be published in both English and Maltese. This will allow the Intercultural and Anti-Racism Unit, Human Rights Directorate to:

  • To understand the existing activities in place that allow for the interaction of migrants and locals;
  • To understand what services are being offered to migrants with the aim of integration;
  • To identify existing gaps and challenges in terms of migration; and
  • To assess the need for future services and policies.

Project Description

The research will set out the current legal and policy regime, Malta’s particular circumstances in terms of size and some good practice from abroad. It will make recommendations for future policy and legislative reforms.

Besides policy and legislation, successful integration should also take place in daily interactions, starting from schools, the workplace and in social groups. The research will review existing literature on these topics and develop some ideas for translating them into the local context. The target cohort of the research are third country nationals, including asylum seekers and beneficiaries international protection, residing in Malta and Gozo.

Should you have any queries on our role in this project or on integration issues in general contact Carla on