9 Parts of Desire


Postcard set

Organised in close collaboration with theatre company Troupe 18:45 for International Women’s Day 2012, ‘9 Parts of Desire’ was our first venture into use of the arts to present complex human rights themes. We put up Heather Raffo’s fantastic and intense play ‘9 Parts of Desire’, together with a photographic exhibition of Joanna Tabone’s photos combining also personal interviews with 8 women living in Malta.

The project sought to underline the plight and resilience of women survivors. Talks with NGOs and drama students were also held on the use of theatre as a vehicle for social change.

As part of the project, we also produced a set of postcards reflecting the photos and interviews used in our photographic exhibition. You can download the full set of postcards here:

9 Parts of Desire postcard set




Photographic exhibition