What will aditus work on in 2015?

This morning the full aditus foundation team met for our annual Strategic Planning discussion. This is the meeting we organise at the beginning of every year in order to (1) evaluate the previous year’s activities and (2) decide on the themes and priorities for the present year.

Throughout the morning our discussions covered a broad range of themes, a positive sign of our enthusiasm and eagerness for this year’s challenges! Over cakes, ‘ottijiet‘ and other goodies, we discussed things like: civil unions, child detention, internal trainings, open reception centres, media relations, Immigration Appeals Board, hate speech, office space, administrative support, paternal leave, justice reform, AIDA…and so much more!

In the coming days we’ll be publishing our detailed (and honest) evaluation of our 2014 activities, as well as our choice of Themes and Priorities for 2015.


From left: Neil, Erika, Sarianna, Carla, Claire, Kirk.



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