We’ve published our input on the ‘Gender Identity Bill’


On 25th October 2014 the Minister for Social Dialogue, Consumer Affairs and Civil Liberties presented the ‘Gender Identity, Gender Expression and Sex Characteristics Bill’ (‘GI Bill’) in Parliament, described as “as Act for the recognition and registration of the gender of a person and to regulate the effects of such a change, as well as the recognition and protection of the sex characteristics of a person.

Our input is being presented within the context of the public consultation launched as part of on-going Parliamentary debate on the GI Bill. Prior to the publication of this Bill, aditus foundation has liaised closely with the Civil Liberties Ministry, providing regular technical input on various substantive aspects.

Such liaison and the present consultation are welcome initiatives insofar as they grant civil society organisations access to important policy- and law-making processes wherein we may share our experience and expertise.

Whilst much of our input has been endorsed and incorporated within the Bill, a number of elements require highlighting. This document presents these elements, together with an invitation to Members of Parliament to strive towards achieving the highest form of human rights protection for transgender and intersex persons.

Our input can be downloaded here.