We’re training integration educators…

On Friday evening and Saturday morning, Neil (our Director) delivered legal training to integration educators, engaged by the University of Malta to deliver cultural orientation classes to migrants and refugees.

Following Government’s adoption of Integration=Belonging: Migrant Integration Strategy and Action Plan, the Integration Unit within the Ministry for European Affairs and Equality has been making steady progress towards implementation of the country’s integration agenda.

In particular, free classes in English and Maltese have already started, as part of Stage 1 of a migrant’s integration path. Stage 1 also includes basic cultural and societal orientation, and a record+assessment of qualifications, trade and work experiences.

Stage 2 takes classes in Maltese to a higher level, and adds a more in-depth understanding of Malta’s economic, cultural and social history.

aditus foundation has been advocating for a national integration strategy for several years. Our Malta Integration Network projects published detailed and thematic recommendations to Government on how it ought to formulate such a strategy, ensuring compliance with international and European legal standards and respecting the fundamental human rights of migrants.

We therefore welcomed the adoption of the Integration=Belonging programme, and are doing our best to support the Ministry’s efforts at putting integration high on Maltese national policy agenda. So we were very happy to be invited to deliver training on migration and asylum law to the Stage 2 educators.

With one hour per session (2 sessions) we couldn’t cover too many topics, or get into too much detail, so we provided an overview of the policy and legal framework governing Malta’s migration and asylum regimes…underlining basic principles and, of course, fundamental human rights.

The sessions were engaging and interesting, we just needed more time to provide more information and to have more in-depth discussions with the participants. We’re sure there will be a follow-up!

Want to know more about our work on integration? Contact our office focal point, Carla at carlacamilleri_at_aditus.org.mt.