‘I receive much more than I give’

Emmanuelle Gautier (55) lives in a small village of 300 people in the Beaujolais region in France. The web journalist and author of podcasts is a volunteer at Forum réfugiés, a non-profit organization that – amongst others – supports the integration of refugees into French society.

‘Two years ago, the return of the Taliban to Afghanistan really moved and shocked me’, Emmanuelle says. ‘It was then that I decided to offer my help to refugees. In my opinion, it is essential to offer linguistic and cultural bridges to these people, so they can get a foothold in France.’

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Seeking asylum is a human right!

Stop violence at the border! Seeking asylum is a human right.

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A couple stands behind a fence as refugees and migrants wait to cross the Greek-Macedonian border near the town of Gevgelija on March 3, 2016. On March 3, EU President Donald Tusk issued a blunt warning to economic migrants not to come to Europe, and chastised EU countries which have taken unilateral action to tackle the crisis. Athens said it now had nearly 32,000 migrants on its territory, after Austria and Balkan states began restricting entries, creating a bottleneck in Greece. DIMITAR DILKOFF / AFP

New European campaign: Give solidarity a chance!

Together with friends from all over Europe, we are launching a new European campaign: Give solidarity a chance!

Refugees in search of a safe place face inhumane treatment in Europe. We are joining forces with 14 other refugee organisations to demand a humane policy and a fair distribution of refugees across Europe!

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Greece, Lesbos, 20 Octoberr 2015. A child cries after crossing by boat from Turkey to Molivos (Lesbos). The boat was full of water and almost sank. The people on this boat were quite shocked and hypothermic. Photo: Maikel Samuels