‘I receive much more than I give’

Emmanuelle Gautier (55) lives in a small village of 300 people in the Beaujolais region in France. The web journalist and author of podcasts is a volunteer at Forum réfugiés, a non-profit organization that – amongst others – supports the integration of refugees into French society.

‘Two years ago, the return of the Taliban to Afghanistan really moved and shocked me’, Emmanuelle says. ‘It was then that I decided to offer my help to refugees. In my opinion, it is essential to offer linguistic and cultural bridges to these people, so they can get a foothold in France.’

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Much more than bicycles for refugees!

Bicpop is a bicycle repair workshop in Zagreb, the capital of Croatia. In the shop, old bicycles are collected and repaired together by refugees and locals. Repaired bikes are then donated to refugees and other people who might need them. Still, the shop is much more: it is a place of solidarity where refugees and the citizens of Zagreb connect and make new friends.

Marina is a volunteer in BicPop and contributes to this simple, yet important story. She says: ‘We’re doing something useful in and for the community. That is something that everyone needs, even more than the bikes themselves.

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