2021 dreams for the aditus team!


Hi All! I hope you are all doing great! 

We all can say, “what a year 2020 has been!” For sure, it’s going to be a year that all of us will remember! It was a year like no other. As the year was coming to an end, here at aditus we met to think about what happened during the year in office and also at our homes. We also shared our hopes for what we wish to see happening during 2021. These are the 2021 dreams for the aditus team!  

aditus team Christmas 2020
Neil, Matthew, Claire, Kasia, Rimaz and Carla @ our Xmas breakfast (2020).

2021 is going to be a very  special and fruitful year for our Team: our 10th anniversary! We are all planning to celebrate and organise several activities…of course all depending on the current pandemic situation. 

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Interview with Richmond Foundation: impact of Covid-19 on mental health


Hey all! I hope everyone is staying safe and preparing for the winter! On 10 September we celebrated Mental Health Day, so this week I am sharing an interview about the impact of Covid-19 on mental health.

At aditus foundation, we saw a lot of our clients being seriously affected from this pandemic due to their vulnerabilities. We also had clients who, like most of us, found it hard to cope with quarantine and isolation.  As stated in this article, the UN Refugee Agency is warning that Covid-19  is having a huge impact on the mental health of refugees, displaced and stateless people. The United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees said:

COVID-19 is not just a physical health crisis but it is now also triggering a mental health crisis. While many refugees and internally displaced people are remarkably resilient and are able to move forward despite having experienced violence or persecution first-hand, their capacities to cope are now being stretched to the limit.


For this week’s blogpost, I interviewed Richmond Foundation. Richmond Foundation is one of Malta’s more prominent NGOs with whom we have an excellent working relationship. We’ve listed it as a supporting organisation for refugees and migrant ssince the organisation often provides them with needed psychological support. As stated on its website, Richmond Foundation offers a wide range of support to anyone experiencing mental health problems and to the people who live and work with them.

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