Some personal updates from our Team…

Yes, we’re growing…well we’ve been growing for some time now so we thought it’d be nice to give some personal updates from those people who make this organisation happen…our fantastic Team!

We’re growing! In the past year or so most of our Team members have been busy with new family members. We’re super happy for them all and cannot wait to start brain-washing these aditus mascots with our human rights mantras!

In September 2017 Neil doubled his family members from two to four, with the arrival of his two sons Gonçalo and Martim.

Later that year (December), Carla’s son George made space for his new little brother, Mark.

Then, last October Claire welcomed her baby boy, and just a few weeks ago (January) we all applauded the arrival of Kasia’s baby girl!

That’s quite a marathon!!

All great news, and we’re happy to support our Team members as they get adjusted to their new lives (read: as they cope with new challenges!).

Parenting is not an easy task, and we’re very aware of the strains it puts on our Team…so we try our utmost to be as family-friendly as possible, coz it’s also in our own interests as an organisation that our people are rested, focused, happy and, generally, enjoy a high level of personal well-being.

How do we do this?

  • full compliance with statutory maternity and adoption leave, meaning minimum 14 weeks of leave with full pay;
  • for the additional 4 weeks, if the staff member wishes to remain on maternity leave, we cover the balance between the small support provided by the government and the staff member’s salary;
  • full flexibility in relation to visits to doctors, hospital, pre-natal classes or any other commitment. We also do this for other issues…no finger-print scanning for time in and time out here 😉
  • work-from-home or any other arrangement that properly meets our operational needs and those of our staff members;
  • special leave or ‘worked in relaxed mode’ for those times of the year when spending time with family is needed/important/particularly fun, such as Christmas, Easter, mid-summer…

So a big welcome to our new extended family members…a big GOOD LUCK to the parents…!!