Our Island III: SABAR

1December 2020 – 1 December 2021

This project is being supported by the Malta Arts Council Creative Communities Fund, the Embassy of France in Malta and the Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands in Malta.

“Issa fl-aħħar – jiena se nsib is-sabar.”

Jum ir-Rebħ, Rużar Briffa

Project Background

Our Island III: SABAR is the third edition of the Our Island series: a series which is aimed at conserving the collective memories of Maltese communities gathered around one central theme Our Island. SABAR aims to gather the memories of citizens, residents, participants and onlookers of the Malta Protests which took place between November 2019 to January 2020.

The first in the series, Our Island I gathered nine contributions from people who were at the heart of refugee protection in Malta throughout recent years. Our Island is not a historical account of contemporary Maltese history, but rather a gathering of intensely personal insights that shed a unique light on Malta’s recent experiences with refugees.

Whilst, Our Island II presented 12 personal stories of refugees who live or have lived in Malta. There is no agenda, no NGO narrative, no point to be made. All contributions are presented in their origin

Sabar: The Malta Protests

The project aims to publish a photobook and to set up an online repository to gather images and video of the Malta Protests held between November 2019 and January 2020. The aim of the publication of the photobook, which will be widely available to the public, and of the online repository will be that of preserving the collective memories of the people during this period.

The Malta Protests represent a significant moment in Malta’s socio-political history. For us, as a human rights NGO, the Malta Protests are about a sudden awakening from a deep sleep, into a state of disbelief, shock and anger. The Protests mark a strong statement that Malta’s democracy was not a healthy one and that it demanded to be reclaimed by the people.

As with the first two ‘Our Island’ books, our intention is primarily to document this moment and to preserve its memory, particularly since remembrance and sensitisation resonate with our human rights mission to monitor, report and act on access to human rights in Malta.

Good governance and the implementation of Rule of Law principles is a human rights issue. It is hoped that SABAR will continue to stimulate the discourse surrounding these principles and their application in Malta.

Therefore, get out your smart phones, flip through your camera roll and send us the most representative, iconic or resonant of your images and/or videos!


  • Individuals must not be professionals, such as journalists or photographers, affiliated with any news broadcaster, newspaper or media organisations.
  • Individuals must not be professional photographers or videographers.
  • Submissions will be accepted from all persons irrespective of residence status or nationality.
  • The images and videos must be representative of that period during which the protests took place and reflective of the spirit and purpose of the project.
  • The photos or videos submitted must have been taken between the period covering the 20th November 2019 to the 29th January 2020.
  • The photographs must not contain any threatening, abusive, harassing or pornographic content.


  • Deadline for submissions is the 30th April 2021.
  • Late submissions will not be considered.

Number of Submissions:

  • A maximum of 5 photos and 1 video may be submitted per individual.

How to submit:

  • Files should be sent by WeTransfer, DropBox or email to sabar@aditus.org.mt or via WhatsApp on +356 77339278.
  • Files should be sent in the best resolution possible.
  • Videos should not be longer than 2 minutes.
  • Each submission must indicate name and surname and contact details of the individual submitting, and the date of when the photo or video was taken.
  • Each file name should contain full name, surname and date of when image was taken or recorded in the filename, e.g. John_Doe_20112019.jpg. If it is not possible to change the name of the file please ensure that you indicate the Name / Surname / Date when submitting.
  • Should you have any problems submitting your images or videos please email sabar@aditus.org.mt.

Use and publication of images

  • The photos to be published and exhibited will be selected by a curatorial team chosen by aditus foundation.
  • aditus retains the right not to accept submissions that do not satisfy the eligibility criteria.
  • aditus reserve the right to exhibit and publish submissions in print and digital format.
  • The participant shall be the sole owner and author of the photographs.
  • Each photo or video will be attributed to the individual who submitted the file, unless the person wishes to remain anonymous.
  • aditus will inform those participants whose submissions have been selected.

Obligations of the Participants

Participants guarantee that:

  • Personal data of the participants will be collected for the purpose of organising, conducting and managing the project.
  • The personal data will not be further processed for a purpose other than conducting and managing the project.
  • No personal data will be shared with third parties for direct marketing.
  • The personal data to be processed include name surname and email address.
  • At any time, participants have the right to access, review, rectify or cancel any personal data held by aditus by sending an email to the following address: sabar@aditus.org.mt


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This project is being supported by the Malta Arts Council Creative Communities Fund, the Embassy of France in Malta and the Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands in Malta: