Protecting Together


1 January 2018 – 31 December 2018.

Supported by:

This project is funded by the Dutch Council for Refugees.


The community of Maltese NGOs working in the asylum sector community keeps growing, with the recent development being the establishment of refugee- and migrant-led NGOs or informal groups as key information and service-providers to the communities. It is a mixed community of around 15-20 organisations, some NGOs providing services others more focused on advocacy.

We feel that this informal coalition now require a more coordinated and strategic approach to its work, so as to maximise its advocacy potential and ensure that all partner organisations have access to training opportunities, information and anything needed to make their work more effective.

Protecting Together is geared at bringing us all closer to eachother, with a view towards an overall improvement in the enjoyment of rights by refugees.

In order to achieve this broad, long-term goal, the project aims to:

  1. Formalise, in whichever format best suits the group’s needs and capacities, the coalition of Maltese NGOs active in the asylum sector;
  2. Establish a set of common principles and values on which this formalisation will be based;
  3. Disseminate this formalisation to ensure its public identity, particularly vis-á-vis public stakeholders.

Are you an organisation working with or for refugees? Do you want to be part of this exciting initiative? Contact Claire Delom, our Legal Officer, and we’ll b sure to follow up with you.

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