Project Integrated 2021

January 2021 – December 2021

Project background

Project Integrated 2021 is the continuation of our on-going activities with our key partners, aimed to support the integration of asylum-seekers and beneficiaries of international protection.

The project has the following 3 core objectives:

  1. Reception Conditions Improved;
  2. Risk of Sexual- and Gender-Based Violence reduced and quality of response improved;
  3. Potential for Integration Realised.

Within each of the above objectives we are implementing a series of activities, each having particular goals. These are explained in the below table.

  1.  Regular presence in places where asylum seekers are deprived of their liberty in order to monitor the application of national law and policy on detention, and provide information and legal assistance;
  2.  Make information about the asylum procedure more easily accessible for asylum seekers in the community, through regular presence in accommodation centres for asylum seekers, dissemination of information and provision of information through existing services;
  3.  Advocate for creation of reception system that is in line with Malta’s legal obligations, by using the data collected through outreach visits to push for improvements in the existing reception system through regular meetings with the authorities responsible for the administration of reception centres.
  1.  Ensure that asylum seekers and beneficiaries of protection who experience SGBV are able to obtain effective access to legal redress as well as to the services and support they need, through the provision of information and financial support to cover legal expenses, as well as referral to appropriate services.
  1.  Enable beneficiaries of protection to be better able to access their rights and achieve self-sufficiency by providing information on rights and entitlements, services available and how to access them, and basic assistance and integration support;
  2.  Identify individuals who need more in-depth services, assistance and/or support to achieve integration, through systematic needs assessment, and ensure that they are able to obtain the services and support through referral and regular follow up;
  3.  Ensure that individuals are able to obtain the services and support they require to achieve self-sufficiency and some measure of integration while they are in Malta by providing in-depth professional services and/or support in a limited number of cases;
  4. Implement small scale Integration Priority Track (IPT) Programme aimed at ensuring that individuals who have opted for long-term integration in Malta and Gozo are provided with the personalised support they require in order to achieve integration;
  5. Continue to work with mainstream service providers to increase awareness of the rights of beneficiaries of protection and to build their capacity to provide services and support to this category of migrants;
  6. Advocate for the development of a strategy for the implementation of the integration policy framework that allows beneficiaries of protection to effectively access their rights and achieve self-sufficiency, in collaboration with UNHCR and other key stakeholders;
  7. Continue to advocate for all beneficiaries of protection to have access to durable solutions, particularly LTR, citizenship and family.