Collaboration to strengthen our work on strategic litigation involving detained children

1 February 2022 saw aditus foundation and Jesuit Refugee Service (Malta) start to contribute to the international research collaboration “Advancing Children’s Rights Strategic Litigation” (ACRiSL) and in particular to its element regarding the United Nations Global Study on Children Deprived of Liberty (GSCDL) which is primarily concerned with implementing the GSCDL recommendations by means of child rights strategic litigation (CRSL) before domestic, regional and international courts and monitoring bodies.

The Maltese professionals in charge of carrying out this CRSL activity are the lawyers Neil Falzon and Katrine Camilleri.

ACRiSL focuses on the advancement of child rights strategic litigation both in theory and in practice, and comes under the auspices of the Global Campus of Human Rights and the Right Livelihood cooperation. ACRiSL is a three year global research collaboration with eight partners drawn from academic and advocacy

What is child rights strategic litigation, according to ACRiSL?

Child rights strategic litigation (CRSL) is defined by ACRiSL as “litigation that seeks to bring about positive legal and social change in terms of children’s enjoyment of their rights”.

This is a pressing topic in advocacy and academic circles. Given its increased deployment as a tool for advancing children’s rights by a range of different actors, it is vital to engage effectively with the challenges and opportunities presented by CRSL.

Focused on the development, implementation, impact assessment and critique of CRSL from a child rights perspective, this project will contribute directly to strengthening the capacity of such litigation to deliver on children’s rights globally.

Advancing Child Rights Strategic Litigation

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