Our Voice

OurVoiceFatumoTogether with Integra foundation we  engaged in a project that sought to support refugee integration in Malta by addressing a critical gap in refugee assistance. The main goals of the project were to enhance the integration of Malta’s refugee and migrant communities, to foster a sense of active social participation by the refugee and migrant population, and to support the creation of formal and informal refugee and migrant networks/organisations.  Strategic action points were also developed with a view to seeking funding for future programme implementation.

The initiative followed dialogue with a number of informal refugee educators and seeks to address expressed learning needs. These included: capacity building, advocacy skills, self-representation and community education, and the provision of information and tools relevant to integration in Malta. This learning process will contribute to building a solid knowledge base for the development of active and participating communities in Malta.

As a central project activity, aditus and Integra formulated and implemented a series of training sessions on various issues of key concern to the refugee and migrant community. The project also focused on the specific needs of female and young refugees and migrants, thus ensuring appropriate horizontal inclusion of themes specifically relevant to particular groups. Training and information sessions were at times provided by guest speakers from various relevant institutions.

This project was implemented thanks to the invaluable support of the US Embassy in Malta and the Julia Taft Refugee Award.

Julia Taft signing

Neil (seated, second from left) and Maria Pisani (seated, first right) from Integra Foundation, with US Embassy officials.