Marginalised Persons as Human Rights Volunteers

1 January 2020 – 31 March 2021

This project is partially funded by the Voluntary Organisations Projects Scheme (VOPS).

Project aims and objectives

Our aim is to support the participation of persons from marginalised communities in NGO activities, particularly in the human rights sector. Through the project we will offer 2 part-time internships for 11 months, with full supervision and mentoring. A nominal payment will be provided to the interns so as to facilitate participation.

The Human Rights Interns will be fully integrated into our team, participating in projects, activities, advocacy efforts, public initiatives and formulation of our strategies.

Understanding the need to offer a broader educational experience, we will also identify and support our interns’ key learning needs, such as linguistic, IT, administrative/management and other.

For us, the project will allow us to integrate personal experiences into our work in the formulation of our strategic objectives, priorities and also evaluations. The interns will provide us with unique insights into the communities that we regularly support, acting as mediators between us and their communities.

Overall, the project acknowledges the challenges faced by marginalised groups in engaging in NGO activities and seeks to overcome these challenges by providing as broad a learning experience as possible.

The call was issued in January 2020.


If you want to follow the regular updates posted by Matthew and Rimaz, our two Human Rights Interns, either follow them on our social media pages on by clicking their very own #hastag here: #KeepingUpWithTheInterns