Malta Integration Network

Malta Integration Network refers to two projects focusing on the integration in Malta of third-country nationals (migrants). Both projects were innovative and policy-oriented, working with inclusive methodologies and producing targeted recommendations.

The Malta Integration Network I (MIN I) established Multifunctional Teams of integration stakeholders so as to identify and propose those policy and intervention measures necessary to ensure the effective integration of third country nationals in Maltese society. The Multifunctional Teams were composed of representatives from the Malta government, academia, civil society and the migrant community with the possibility of rotation of members according to thematic interests.

Spanning over one year (2013), the project produced concrete, sustainable and inclusive recommendations on how to maximise the success of the various stages of a migrant’s integration process. MIN I also engaged in an active discussion with experienced stakeholders in other European Union Member States so as to transpose those experiences from which Maltese policy and practice could benefit.

On the 8th November, 2013, we organised a Networking Roundtable Meeting, the culmination of this project’s first phase. The meeting’s invited guests – local and international integration stakeholders – reflected MIN’s collaborative governmental, academic, public & civil society dialogue on best practices for ensuring the full inclusion & participation of TCNs in their adopted countries – for the sake, ultimately, of introducing such integration practices in Malta, which currently lacks any formal, national integration policy.

The meeting gathered representatives from, amongst others, the Portuguese High Commission for Immigration and Intercultural Dialogue, the University of Leiden (Netherlands), the Austrian Integration Fund, Italy’s UNAR (National Office Against Racial Discrimination), Migrant Voice from the UK, Denmark’s Council for Ethnic Minoritiesthe Integration Centre from Ireland, and the Migration Policy Group and European Council on Refugees and Exiles from Belgium. The participants from Malta included representatives from TCN communities, the NCPE, the ETCSOS MaltaIOM , and the Faculty for Social Wellbeing at the University of Malta.

You can download project documentation here:

Malta Integration Network: A way forward for a National Integration Policy in Malta

Presentations, Informal Notes and Bibliographies from our Multifunction Team Meetings and from the Networking Roundtable Meeting. Just get in touch with us here.


Final Report launch (13th June, 2014)

In 2014/2015 we implemented Malta Integration Network II, following up from the conclusions and findings from the project’s first phase. MIN II saw us gathering our integration recommendations and converting them into stakeholder-specific targets and indicators. This was done through close liaison and consultation with the Ministry for Social Dialogue, Consumer Affairs and Civil Liberties (MSDC) as lead Ministry in integration matters.

Our integration indicators publication was launched during an Integration Café on 26 June, and can be downloaded here:

Malta Integration Network II: Policy Indicators for Migrant Integration

Erika, Carla & Neil at the Integration Café

Erika, Carla & Neil at the Integration Café


Carla, Neil & MIN participants


Best Practices Networking Roundtable (8 November, 2013)




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