Advocacy Initiatives

Whilst much of our work is gathered within projects, there are also several initiatives we’re engaged in that are not defined in projects but are rather on-going efforts usually attached to specific advocacy goals.

These Advocacy Initiatives are the product of discussions held in our office, usually in response to a pressing need we identify through contacts with clients or other stakeholders.

They’re usually included in our Strategic Plan, a document outlining our strategic objectives for 2 years, yet at times we engage in issues that need our immediate response…it’s this responsiveness and preparedness that allows us to remain relevant to national developments as they happen.

Our main Advocacy Initiatives are the following (remembering that all of our projects also have advocacy goals embedded in them):

  • Bring administrative detention in line with international and European standards;
  • Reform Malta’s asylum procedure for it to comply with the Common European Asylum System measures, specifically in relation to Malta’s accelerated procedure and special procedural guarantees for vulnerable persons;
  • Access to justice and the courts is secured for Malta’s most marginalised groups and communities;
  • State institutions are strong enough to ensure full respect for the rule of law;
  • The right to marry and form a family is secured to all, irrespective of gender, sexual orientation, legal status or nationality;
  • Sign and ratify the 1954 Convention Relating to the Status of Stateless Persons, and establish a national statelessness determination procedure
  • Appointment of members of the Judiciary is not entirely a decision of the Executive;
  • Malta’s ratification of the European Social Charter;
  • Closure of Ħal Far Tent Village migrant reception centre;
  • Prioritise the preservation of life in migrants at sea incidents: #DontLetThemDrown.

Want more information on how you can support our advocacy work, or do you have ideas on what other issues need our attention? Get in touch with us